Pool Covers

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Covering your pool will protect it. During the winter you will need to close your pool. We offer a wide range of pool covers that will keep your pool safe. Each type of pool cover has its pros and cons. We can help you choose the perfect type of pool cover for your pool. We also provide professional pool opening and closing servicesDelaware County Pool Cleaning Services is available today to install your new pool cover. Feel free to email or call our customer service team today for more info on our pool cover services.

Winter Pool Covers
Standard winter pool covers are one of the most affordable pool cover options. Winter pool covers are tarps that are held down with water bags. They normally last 1-3 seasons before needing replacement. They cannot hold much weight. If a large animal or person accidentally steps on the cover, it could collapse. These covers will also require a pump to prevent collapse. They also are not the most pleasing to look at. The cost of winter pool covers is its biggest advantage. We have a wide range of winter pool covers available that will meet your needs and budget.

Security Pool Covers
Security covers are one of the most common covers for inground pool owners. The cover is attached to anchors in the concrete around your pool. We offer mesh and solid security pool covers. These covers offer great safety and security and can support heavyweight. They normally last 10-15 years without replacement. Security covers do cost much more than a winter pool cover but provide more protection and will last much longer. Mesh security pool covers do allow water into your pool and your pool may require extra cleaning when opening in the spring.

Automatic Pool Covers
We also offer a variety of automatic pool covers. While automatic pool covers are more expensive than other covers, they offer a wide range of benefits. Automatic pool covers can also act as solar covers and keep your pool warm. The cover can be placed when you are not home to keep out leaves, debris, or unwanted swimmers. Automatic pool covers can suffer from malfunctions and repairs could be expensive. They also cannot hold as much weight as a security cover and heavy snowstorms could cause problems with your automatic pool cover.

Pool Opening and Closing Services
Delaware County Pool Cleaning Services can help you open and close your pool. We can take your pool cover off and prep your pool for the upcoming summer. We will remove your cover, clean your pool, and prepare your pool’s water. Your pool will be ready for swimming in no time. We can also close your pool for the winter. Our team will remove any pool accessories, winterize your filter and plumbing, balance the water, and then install your pool cover. Your pool will be ready for the next snowstorm. Feel free to email or call our customer service team today if you are interested in our pool opening and closing services.