Weekly Pool Maintenance

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Pool maintenance can be tiresome and time-consuming. It also takes a certain level of experience and knowledge to care for your pool’s water. Delaware County Pool Cleaning Services offers professional weekly pool maintenance services that will keep your pool clean all season long. We are available to clean all types and sizes of pools for both public and private properties. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and will always provide fast and reliable pool cleaning and maintenance services. Feel free to email or call our customer service team today if you are interested in our weekly pool cleaning and maintenance services.

Weekly Pool Cleaning
Our team is ready to provide the best weekly pool cleaning service in Delaware County, PA. We will begin with skimming leaves and debris from your pool. Next, we will brush dirt and grime from your pool walls, ladders, slides, and diving boards. This will reduce the risk of algae and bacteria growing in your pool. Once the walls are clean we will vacuum your pool. Regularly vacuuming your pool is essential if you want crystal clear and healthy water. Once your pool is clean we will head over to your filtration system and clean it.

Weekly Pool Filter Cleaning and Inspection
A properly running filtration system is essential for your pool. Our team will provide cleaning and inspection of your filter. We will clean your skimmer and check water levels to ensure debris is reaching your skimmer. Our team will inspect your filter system and backwash the system if needed. We will remove any debris we see in your filter system to ensure it is functioning correctly. We will backwash your filter as well to get rid of dirt and debris. Now that your filter and pool are clean, it’s time to check the chemical balance of your water.

Water Tests and Chemical Balancing

All pool maintenance services will include water balancing. The water in your pool has a delicate chemical balance. Improper chemical levels could result in a variety of problems including cloudy water, algae, and other issues. We will test and adjust the alkalinity and pH levels of your pool. Pool Sanitizer will be added to get rid of bacteria in your pool as well. Pool Shock can also be added if your pool needs more sanitizing. Pool shock will ensure your water is fresh, clean, and safe. After our weekly pool maintenance services, your pool will be clean and ready for swimming.

Pool Opening and Closing Services
We also provide professional pool opening and closing services. A professional pool opening can help ensure your pool is ready for the summer. We provide expert pool opening services that will have your pool ready in no time. A professional pool closing will ensure your pool is ready for the tough, upcoming winter. We will winterize your pool and cover it to keep it safe during the winter. Delaware County Pool Cleaning Services is available today to provide professional pool opening and closing services.